It takes some special, smart people to uncover the solar industry’s secret plot: to steal all the sunlight and plunge the earth into darkness! A small town in North Carolina defeated just such an effort to steal sunlight using solar panels. In an amazing turn of events, the heroes of Woodland, NC saved the trees, the crops, and the sun tan lotion industry from a “photovoltaic” nightmare that would have sucked up all the light and left none for the town to do the simplest tasks (like seeing during the day without a flashlight). As reported by-Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald,  the darkest-dark-coldest-cold-winter would have fallen upon Woodland almost immediately upon the completion of the proposed solar farm. Plugging in those hoards of solar panels to the grid would have allowed that south facing system to suck up every drop of sunlight.

As Bobby Mann, explained, Big Solar wanted to, “suck up all the energy from the sun” and ruin the town’s businesses (because who wants to do business in a dark-cold-darkest town?). Bobby Mann’s wife Jane Mann, a retired science teacher, also spoke at the hearing.  Her years of experience teaching Woodland, NC’s future leaders and professionals, gave her the credentials she needed to learn the council about how solar panels prevent photosynthesis and may even cause everyone in the town to get cancer.

With such a prestigious victory under their elected officials’ belts, perhaps the good people of Woodland will have the courage and clarity vote in the next election?

Full disclosure, AMENERGY has toted this spherical Earth hoax and told people that solar panels turn photons into electricity, but don’t worry, apparently we’ll all soon be dead from solar panel cancer.