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  • Technology & Educational Thursdays- Confused by acronyms like PV or DG? Not clear on the difference between solar electric and solar thermal? We got you covered. Visit every Thursday for a quick, topical lesson on the technology and terminology of the renewable industry and developments in renewable energy technology.
  • Maniac Mondays- Smile, we have a bright future together.  Visit AMENERGY at the beginning of your work week for something completely fun. We aren’t exactly sure what we are going to write about, but here’s an example of what you might find on any given Monday-“If Only They Had Solar!” review of the movie Jaws 2-

    1978 marked the beginning of “American Tragedy Theater,” and Jaws 2 needs no introduction. The film courses dedicated to it’s greatness probably never wondered what would have changed in this masterpiece if the country had already switched to renewable energy? You may recall the climax of this thriller when our hero races to Junction Island to put an end to the fearsome beast. It’s an all or nothing duel and in one dramatic moment, our wild friend bites into an electrical cable and fire blazes out of his eyeballs, shark explodes. sinks, children shriek and a girl cries, perhaps for the power outage on the island of Junction and the other location where the giant wire connected.Readily available, affordable residential and commercial solar technology would have replaced the high voltage electrical cable with a local system that generated power from the sun on site.  There would have been no cable to bite. The immoral delinquent teens would have been devoured before they had a chance to grow and steer society into it’s current downward spiral. With the bad punished, those titular Jaws could have turned their crusade towards stopping Roy Scheider from appearing in the unfortunate Sci-Fi television series Seaquest 2032 (not to be confused with Sealab 2021 which is brilliant.) Without Scheider’s star appeal and draw, Seaquest 2032 might not have even happened at all.If only they had solar, things would be so much better.